Sunday, 8 April 2018

Personal Finance Geek

As my twenties draw to a close I can look at the triumphs and failures that I have lived through. It has certainly been a decade with roaring highs and low lows.
I have made some good decisions and some shocking ones. The good decisions are not to outweigh the bad ones.
I can say that now I am on a set path. I know what I want to do. I am committed to something and I am going to stick out.
I have discovered what I want to do for the indefinite future. 
Financially I have done so-so. I made a good decision in my early twenties to invest in ETFs. Only to then sell everything. I sold out to chase my entrepreneurial dreams. Dreams that never materialised. It was a poor decision, what on earth was I thinking?!
Well at least I did not go into debt. I would be much worse off if I had gone into debt. I see debt as a soul crusher. And I didn't spend everything.
At the same time if I had not sold my shares I could really be sitting pretty nicely right now. If I didn't quit my first job.
Instead all I have is $12,000 USD to my name. I could have more than double that easily if I was sensible and conservative.
Now I am approaching my thirties with no debt and a little money in my pocket is not too shabby at all.
So where to from here? My twenties have been such a struggle in regards to employment. The thing is that after I finished uni I went straight into what I have ended up doing- EFL teaching. If only I committed to that then I would be much better off right now. So what made me change my mind? It was mainly immaturity, not seeing things through to the end, a general lack of discipline that led me to do what I did. Also there was a little bit of my ego coming into play.
So I have done things in a very unconventional roundabout way. Not to worry, it is the way it is.
My biggest distraction was when I tried to become an online entrepreneur. My thinking was that I would give it a shot. And hell when you are in your twenties aren't you supposed to?!
It was a disaster and a failure. If I had just kept making sensible decisions I would have double the money that I have now. It is not too late. Like I said at least I didn't get into huge debt, get a mortgage or a credit card.